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Travel is a good excuse to explore the Great Outdoors and embark on Great Adventures. There’s a lot of options in India to explore, whether it is high up in the mountains or in deep underwater. Take it from with us – put on your gear, get out there, and make some best incredible memories.

Mountain biking

mountain biking
mountain biking

1)Singalila Ridge, West Bengal

It is in the northwest of West Bengal has been one of the best and popular trekking destination for quite some time.It has seen an influx of mountain biking enthusiasts in the last years and has become one of the best on any Adventure-junkie’s book.

2)Pang to Rumtse, Ladakh

We don’t need a Royal Enfield to truly explore Ladakh. If we prefer to pedal rather than a motorized bike, Ladakh has a lot to offer. The road from Pang to Rumtse in particular provides a perfect balance between a challenging ride and amazing views

3)Trails of Sikkim

The trails of Sikkim are very popular with mountain bikers from around the world also. Not only are in the trails, some of them are running through tea plantations and also quite thrilling but they also allow you to meet and enjoy with mountain bikers from different countries.

mountain bikking


Munnar has one of the best cycling trails in India and some of the best highlights to offer when it comes you be a side of a mountain biking experience in India. Your journey will include a vast expanse oftea plantations also spice plantation – explore the vivid flora and fauna which will leave you awestruck for a sure. The routes are as incredible as they can get, the cycling tour will explore more the about the city and its localities. Enjoy the breath-taking views of Bison Valley and Lockhart Gap along with Shola forests and Cardamon Estates. Munnar also has one of the best road riding facilities around South India.

5)Kangra valley,Himachal pradesh

It’s also one of the most incridble routes for mountain biking in India – Kangra Biking routes shows the sight of beautiful tiny villages, paddy fields, buddhist enclaves and also several prayer flags on the way.  The cycling area is a 260kms circuit – the roads are a mix with uphills and downhills with a few flat land surfaces. The riding altitude is almost around 1300mts in average. The routes includes Mcleodganj-Shahpur-Jawali-Pong Dam, Jawali-Ranital-Base Camp Andretta,  Andretta-Paprola-Baijnath-Billing and Billing-Palampur-Yol Cantt.-Mcleodganj.